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5 ways to revamp your kitchen with Feng shui interior design

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

I’m chantell from No.21 Bespoke Interiors, a qualified Feng shui interior designer and furniture refinisher, I work alongside my Husband James an upholsterer based near Stansted in Essex.

We are passionate about creating homes that not only look good but feel good too by using feng shui principles in our interior designs. We encourage our interior design clients to be more sustainable by repurposing any old furniture they already have.

We also produce our handmade luxury upholstered footstools and headboards which look beautiful in any home.

In this blog I will show you the ways you can transform your old kitchen and share some of my interior design tips to create the kitchen of your dreams.


1.Create a Mood board

The first step to redesigning your kitchen is to create a mood board, first get some ideas together by searching the internet for kitchen inspiration, social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are always a good place to get some ideas.

I use Canva to create a mood board, putting together my favourite images of kitchens, colour palettes, any thing I would like to incorporate in my design such as brass elements or reeded glass. Anything else you like such as plants and wall art can also being added to your mood board. Another good idea, which I use in my Mood board workshops and is really fun is to go through any home magazines you have at home and cut out any images you like, build up a good collection for inspiration.

Using a board which you can buy in Hobbycraft or your local craft shops, choose your favourite images making sure to include any pictures of wall art, fabrics, paint colours and accessories which you would like to incorporate in to your new kitchen design. Once you are happy with your layout you can stick these down with some craft glue. You can also include your favourite paint, wallpaper fabric samples.

2. Repurpose and reuse where you can

Giving your kitchen walls and ceiling a new coat of paint in your chosen colours will instantly give your kitchen a refresh, but theres other things you can do to create a new look in your kitchen as well as repurposing and reusing what you already have.

In my recent kitchen design project, the hob and built in oven both needed replacing due to being old and faulty as did the old kitchen island as it wasn’t practical. The fridge and freezer space was also insufficient for the family so we decided to relocate the oven as it was being replaced anyway, it was replaced with a new range cooker that went in where the old hob and drawers were. The drawers were then repurposed into a new island. The old oven housing was replaced with a second fridge freezer. By reconfiguring the design it then made the kitchen more practical, providing an improved island as well a larder type fridge freezer providing more storage.

Its always good to be as sustainable as we can, by painting your cabinets you can totally change the look of your kitchen as well as saving money at the same time. If your cabinets are in good condition and everything works then theres no point in replacing your kitchen cabinets.

I recommend using an Eco friendly paint such as Frenchic, it has minimal VOCs, certified safe to use on childrens toys, has no nasty odours and has good range of colour choices.

for the wall and ceilings, frenchic have a chalk walls paint range which is not just washable but scrubbable, making it ideal for the kitchen it has great coverage too!

For your cabinets Frenchic have the Al fresco range which can be used indoors and outdoors so is really hard wearing.

My top tips for painting your kitchen cabinets:

1.Remove your cabinets doors and number both the door and the cabinet.

2.Clean them well with sugar soap throughly to remove any grease and dirt.

3.Give your cabinets a light sand so the paint will adhere.

4.Use a good quality brush for any corners, and a good quality roller such as Two fussy blokes or Staalmeister rollers for a good quality finish.

5. Apply light coats of paint, allowing to dry and sanding lightly between coats

6. Apply 3 coats for an even finish.

7. Once fully dried be careful until the paint is fully cured in about 21 days.

for our latest kitchen transformation we used Frenchic chalk wall paint in Sweetcheeks and the cabinets we used Frenchic al fresco range in the colours Constance moss and blackjack which we mixed together to get a custom shade of olive green.

"A home is a place to share, create, and nourish the best in each of us as individuals and as a family. Design is one of the finest means to accomplish this." – EVE ROBINSON
Before Transformation

3.Create a designer Kitchen

By decorating and painting your kitchen you will give it a brand new look. If you want to take further steps to create a bespoke kitchen theres other things you can do to create a designer kitchen.

When creating your mood board you would have been inspired by different design work surfaces, handle styles or even textures used in modern kitchens.

Theres lots of ways you can totally change the look of your kitchen by adding some different elements into your design.

Obviously these all come at an extra expense, it’s always worth shopping around for the best deals.

By adding skirting to your kitchen cabinets you can make it look like a handmade kitchen, by adding some fluting to your cabinet doors takes it to another level, making it really bespoke.

New worktops and handles can totally change your kitchen design and don't need to cost the earth. Another way to add some more interest and texture is with the addition of reeded glass In the form of splashbacks or some reeded glass film placed over plain glass. Using these different elements is great for feng shui in your kitchen design.

Some good websites you can check out CNC Creations, Rough old glass and Worktops direct

4. Create a positive kitchen with these Feng shui tips

As a Feng shui interior designer, I always use feng shui principles in my designs to harmonise the space. Feng shui is the ancient chinese art of arranging objects, buildings and space to achieve harmony and balance.

Theres ways you can draw on the principles of Feng shui in your kitchen to create a harmonious, functional and sociable space, designing a kitchen that will improve your life. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen so a lot of consideration is needed to create the perfect environment.

The kitchen is associated with the fire element so when thinking about your colour palette its best to steer clear of using oranges and reds as this will enhance the fire element further, its best to adopt a neutral colour palette or more earthy shades.

Using metal elements in your kitchen design helps to promote calmness, a metal type splashblack is a way of adding some metal.

Clutter isn’t good for feng shui so having good storage is important, everything should be organised and have a place of its own.

Adding glazed doors to kitchen cabinets is another way of enhancing the positive energy in your home, you could also add glass splashbacks for the same effect.

Reeded glass is becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchens, it creates more interest and atmosphere.

Adequate lighting is important in Feng shui, making sure your kitchen is efficient and includes mood, task and feature lighting. Having the correct lighting will create interest, effect mood and reduce stress levels.

Attract prosperity and strengthen relationships with wood elements. Wood also keeps us grounded. Your could use wood for shelving, worktops or by adding wood fluting to cabinets.

Plants are another way of harmonising your space, in particular the money plant or plants with rounded leaves.

5. Styling tips for your kitchen

Now that you have finished transforming your kitchen, you need to complete the look with some styling.

Having a mix of textures and materials in your kitchen creates character and interest.

On worktops and shelving its good to have items of various materials and heights displayed in odd numbers of threes. Placing shorter items in front of taller objects creates dimension. Your accessories dont need to be expensive china, keeping it simple with rustic chopping boards and earthenware is really effective.

On shelves you can display art or books as part of your styling as well as using food such as fruit in wooden bowls.

Picking different finishes, natural textures and complimentary colours all adds to the overall style of your kitchen and boosts the positive energy, bringing in more feng shui design elements.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration for revamping your old kitchen.

If you would like to know more about our Mood board workshops held in Essex and London to help you further with your design or would like us to design your space for you by choosing one of our Interior design packages, we have online or in person design packages for you to choose from, if you want to know more about how feng shui interior design can help you at home.

Get in touch, would love to hear from you

Chantell x

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