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Upholstered footstools

Upholstered footstools in Essex - How to choose the perfect footstool.

An upholstered footstool can make a statement centrepiece in any living room, it is a really important piece of furniture that can be used to rest your feet on, used as a coffee table, offers additional seating when needed and the finishing touch to complete your living room.

At No.21 Bespoke Interiors, our footstools are made to order so your footstool is bespoke to you.

With so many choices and things to consider it can be overwhelming when it comes to making your choice. Read on for my 5 top tips on how to choose the perfect footstool for you.

#1 Consider the alternative uses for your footstool.

An Upholstered Footstool offers far more value in your home and everyday life than you might appreciate. A footstool can make a statement furniture piece, but it also serves multiple other purposes. From additional seating to accommodate guests, to be used as a coffee table with a tray of drinks on top, a place to rest your magazines and books, for additional storage or simply to rest your feet on. A footstool is an adaptable and handy piece of furniture in day-to-day life so choosing the right style and ensuring the style you select can tick all the relevant boxes when it comes to what you intend to use it for.

#2 The size of your perfect footstool is important.

When choosing the size of your footstool you need to work out the position it will be in your living space first and decide if it will stay in one place or if it will need to be moved to one side on some occasions. If you choose a footstool that is too large you will find it difficult to navigate within your existing living space, equally if it is too small it will feel inadequate. A good tip is to measure exactly how much space you have in your room to play with to make sure your footstool will fit where it needs to, then make a template with some paper or card in the size that you think would work, lay it on the floor in your living room for a couple of days to make sure it works in the space.

#3 The height of your footstool.

Another key factor when choosing your upholstered footstool is the height. We found that the ideal height for a footstool is between 30 centimetres and 70 centimetres. The exact height will depend on how you would like to use it and the style of sofa you have in your home, if you're looking to rest your feet on your footstool its recommended to have a lower height. Foot stools should be the same height as your sofa or lower.

#4 How to choose fabric to get the perfect footstool.

There’s Something luxurious about a room that has a footstool not just because of its many uses but by choosing the perfect footstool it can make an interior design scheme feel sophisticated, pulling the whole scheme together. Having an upholstered footstool can provide a great opportunity to use some really gorgeous fabrics to add interest to your interior design scheme and have a stand out statement piece of furniture. It’s you opportunity to bring a pop of colour or pattern in to your home. All of our fabrics benefit from a high rub count meaning we only use fabrics that are durable and hardwearing which is essential for footstools that are used frequently.

#5 How to choose your perfect footstool style.

The last step when choosing your perfect footstool is the style that suits you. We offer 3 kinds- Plain top, shallow buttoned or deep buttoned. Each footstool is made to order so will be bespoke to you. Your footstool will be expertly handmade, upholstered and finished beautifully by us. You can choose from a wide range of luxurious fabrics, add contrasting colour piping or buttons, have studs, select from a large range of legs in different styles and heights. Your legs can be finished in a range of wood finishes or hand painted in your choice of paint colour. The choices really are endless. Its important to consider a style that will match your sofa and existing furniture, and to think about its purposes, for example a flat top footstool with legs that make the height the same as the sofa is better suited if you will be using it as a coffee table.

If you are looking to order an upholstered footstool or to discuss your bespoke order get in touch here. We also offer a reupholstery service, a sustainable option if you have a footstool that could just do with a revamp or change of colour. (see teal linen footstool above)

Hope you found the tips helpful

Chantell x

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